About us


My name is Gina Phillips and I developed Caution Cling as a single cling inspired by my daughter that had just began learning how to drive. As she felt her way around the road, I became concerned that drivers unaware that she was new to the road would make her nervous, so I created a hand made sign to alert other drivers to please exercise patience while driving near her. Ultimately the decision was made to share this idea.

Caution Cling was then put into production using specific colors for each cling, making it unique and identifiable using repositionable and reflective materials. I later added the New Baby Pink and the New Baby Blue to the Caution Cling family for infant and toddler passengers.

Operating the business is a family affair. I am the creator, which is why the packaging reads "The Original" Caution Cling (my name is highlighted within the word original). My two daughters collaborated and created the design of the clings from the prototype and my husband produces, shoots and edits all of the videos and also captured the official photo for the packaging. We are proud to offer an affordable product that is geared towards the safety of our new and senior drivers and also our infant and toddler passengers.




Caution Cling is made in the USA. It is a removable, reflective and repositionable cling for automobiles that display the words "New Driver" for new teen drivers, "Senior Driver" for the more mature senior citizen that still enjoy the independence of driving and "New Baby" pink or blue for infant or toddler passengers. It is designed to alert other motorist to demonstrate patience and to drive with extra care when near a vehicle with a Caution Cling. It can be recognized by its color, shape or wording, even if driving at a distance. 




The Sooner The Safer

The purpose of Caution Cling is to promote safe driving habits. My overall mission is to bring the awareness of Caution Cling to the parents of new teen drivers, senior citizens who are still driving, and the parents of infant or toddler passengers. I wish to see Caution Clings on the car windows of each appropriate household, to help reduce automobile accidents, prevent road rage and potentially save lives, one cling at a time. The sooner motorist become aware of Caution Cling, the sooner they may begin making safer driving decisions.