CAUTION CLING™ is designed to promote road safety


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Caution Cling™ is that additional layer of safety to help protect the ones we love.

The Caution Cling™ is unique

 It can be recognized by its color, shape or wording, even if driving at a distance. It promotes tolerance and patience, allowing the driver more space and a safer driving environment.

"Love this product. Other motorist are more forgiving when they are aware that you are a New Driver"

Yvette P

"I put the Caution Cling on my window to let other drivers know that I have little ones in the car with me and it makes me feel better while on the roads"

Rhonda L

"After using my Senior Driver Cling, I've notice that tailgaters has backed off"

Jeno C

"My son has his drivers permit. I put the Caution Cling on my car when he drives and remove it when he's not"

Felicia L

"It makes a perfect baby shower gift. It's a wonderful gift for new parents"

Jennifer W

Where should the CAUTION CLING™ be placed?

CAUTION CLING™ should be placed in the lower left corner of the vehicles window without obstructing the drivers view. Your CAUTION CLING™  will bring awareness to other motorist, while helping to reduce automobile accidents, prevent road rage and potentially save lives, one cling at a time. The sooner motorist become aware of CAUTION CLING™, the sooner they may begin making safer driving decisions.

Give the gift of safety

Looking for something for someone special? A Caution Cling for your loved ones is the perfect idea!

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